The Ultimate Guide to Measuring & Improving Leadership Development Programs

Learn How to Optimize Talent Development Through Continuous Improvement

While many organizations struggle with The Great Resignation and the Great Shuffle, a new movement of leaders is embracing the opportunity to take control over their talent development efforts, unleashing major gains in retention, productivity and performance through the transformative power of the Net Impact System

The Net Impact System (NIS) is a continuous improvement approach specific to Learning and Talent Development, that better measures and analyzes the impact of talent investments.

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The Net Impact System:

A Simple Framework for Driving Outsized L&D Outcomes

Leading companies around the globe are using the Net Impact method to:

  • Reduce waste or "scrap learning" and increase performance
  • Predict program impact
  • Measure performance against key financial and business objectives like retention, performance and productivity using hard data
  • Provide a common way to score and benchmark across the entire Talent Development process
  • Provide world-class executive reporting to business leaders

Download the Net Impact ebook and learn how to start driving major improvements in your L&D outcomes now.