Why Choose Performitiv?

Performitiv empowers learning leaders to dramatically improve learning performance by providing the right data to the right people at the right time.

Our cloud-based analytics platform provides a plug-and-play solution for organizations that need a better way to measure and improve the effectiveness and impact of their learning programs - with all of the technology, methodology and expertise you need to understand where and how to activate continuous improvement. 

In addition to measurable improvements tied to quantifiable strategic business results, our clients typically see:

  • Immediate ROI from savings in time and labor, driven by Performitiv's automated measurement solution.
  • Reductions in waste via scrap learning, saving clients millions in learning that isn't applied on the job.
  • Impact on productivity. Research from EY suggests that organizations who effectively use data to drive continuous improvement can generate 5% to 15% in overall productivity.

Download the Why Choose Performitiv whitepaper to learn more about our solution, methodology and client performance.

Download Whitepaper

Download Whitepaper